Our Mission

Alumni Association of Lviv University aspires to direct all its energy, activities and programs to create a community of graduates, friends, employees, teachers and students, who respect the priorities and values of the Association; support the spirit of belonging and pride in the University; seek to promote the development of the University by sharing their experience, knowledge, resources and competencies. The Association will always remain a creative and innovative guardian of the academic and civic values and traditions of the University in search of new opportunities and development prospects for the Alma Mater.

Goals and Vision

Our vision is to unite graduates in order to support and develop the University and create opportunities to achieve the following goals:

  • creating a community of like-minded people, proud of Alma Mater, who seek to strengthen their connection with the University;

  • initiation and support of educational and scientific programs and projects;

  • effective networking and cooperation;

  • mentoring and internships;

  • improving the efficiency of educational space at the University;

  • establishing and strengthening links between government, business and education;

  • involvement in the educational process and activities of the University;

  • development of civil society;

  • education of a new generation of responsible and professional citizens of Ukraine.