We know where to quench your thirst for knowledge

The library is a place where we have a lot of memories of student years. But if in the classes at the university we gain knowledge with the help of our lecturers, then a trip to the library is about self-study. In addition, the presence of a University card gives graduates easy access to the Scientific Library, where interesting meetings, book presentations and master classes are often held – everything you need for self-education and personal development.

The library doors are always open for you!

The Alumni Association provides free access to the University’s Scientific Library for University Card owners.

About the Scientific Library

Did you know that the Scientific Library possesses a world-class collection of books and manuscripts? Despite numerous fires, reorganizations and relocations, the Library still proudly preserves and multiplies the glorious scientific traditions of both thinkers of ancient times and creators of modern Ukrainian culture. For example, there are unique old prints of five editions of works by Francesco Petrarca which date back to the 16th century. Among them “Bucolicum carmen” and “Africa” that ​​are real pearls of the Late Renaissance. Also, artistic and research works of Mykhaylo Hrushevskyy and Ivan Franko; library and organizational publications of Bohdan Barvinskyy and Fedor Maksymenko, as well as many other geniuses of national science, are included in the golden fund of the Library. But these are not the only old books that can be found there. The library collection has about 120,000 rare manuscripts and publications and more than 3 million books in total. These are impressive numbers, aren’t they? No wonder, you can find anything you might be looking for in our University Scientific Library!

Page of the Scientific Library : https://www.facebook.com/librarylnu/