1. Digital library

The history of the Scientific Library is truly unique. For many centuries, the noble patrons of art have contributed to preserving the identity of the book collection and, more importantly, to develop it. And today there are many caring and talented people, among whom our graduates are looking for ways to give it the opportunity to improve.

More about the project here .

2. Museum of Computer Technology

This is a joint project of the Association of Alumni and Patrons-Collectors Mykola and Halyna Shcherbyna and Volodymyr Matviychuk, who are ready to donate their collection, which contains more than 100 exhibits some of which are quite rare and exclusive, to the University.

More about the project here .

3. Opening of the branch of the Association in the USA
4. Support for the activities of the Association

Your contribution will help the Association to fully work, develop and offer more and more benefits and opportunities for our graduates.