Our another major success story is opening of FRANKOstore – a shop selling original University-branded products! The shop works both online and offline, which makes it easy for each of you to choose your favourite things at your convenience!

Things available at FRANKOstore: stationery, thermal cups, hoodies, T-shirts, polo shirts, backpacks or eco-bags and even socks with an original print. Most importantly, everything is made with love and decorated with the logo of Lviv University, which gives our community an exclusive opportunity to identify ourselves!

FRANKOstore project has quite a number of amazing achievements including an expanded range of products and services as well as support of students’ initiatives. FRANKOstore sponsored a number of university events: Welcome Week, Open Day, All-Ukrainian University Applicants’ Day.

Big thanks to the University alumni and friends of the University who supported the project a year ago!



Follow the link to choose a symbol of your connection with the University: https://frankostore.lnu.edu.ua.