Proactive – a special NGO “Alumni Association of Ivan Franko National University of Lviv”, which aims to encourage young people to active, social and creative initiatives.

The first hero, Ivan Pavlish, is a law graduate, a veteran, an entrepreneur, as well as a socially responsible person, as he is a blood donor and co-founder of the “Tarilka” project.

“Tarilka” is the first food bank in Ukraine, which collects unused food in catering establishments and supermarkets in Lviv and gives it to low-income people.

The idea of a food bank was born in the autumn of 2019 and borrowed it in Germany, where there are many free shops for the needy. “Tarilka” is already cooperating with the network “Rukavychka”, “Blyzen’ko” and supermarket “Auchan”, in the future the list of stores is planned to expand. The organizers launched their own brand GreenCompany. Thus, “Tarilka” decided to encourage its current and future partners to further work: waste sorting and conscious use of products.

In an interview with the “Proactive” project, Ivan explains what motivates him to help others, what legal education is good for and why it is important to be socially active.

The next heroine – Anastasia Slyusarenko is a graduate of the Faculty of Foreign Languages as well as the Head of Plast in Lviv. Plast is a national scout organization of Ukraine, the purpose of which is to promote comprehensive patriotic education and self-education of Ukrainian youth.

Some interesting facts about Plast:

Plast was created in 1911, and on April 12, 1912 the first Plast oath was taken in Lviv. Plast is a non-political and non-religious organization. The name “Plast” is based on the equivalent of the English “Scout” (scout), taken from the example of Plast-Cossack scouts. Unlike most Scout organizations in the world, where membership ends at the age of 25, there are no restrictions on Plast membership. Today, there are 146 Plast branches in all regions of Ukraine.

In an interview for the “Proactive” project, Anastasia explains what is the basis of Plast’s activity, why knowledge of a foreign language is a basic skill of a young person and whether everyone should be a public activist.