Laboratories, laboratories, laboratories … Our graduates definitely know what is needed for technical progress in Ukraine!

1. Modern Computer Lab

With the support of N-iX, a company founded by Andriy Pavliv – a graduate of the University, a modern computer lab has been opened at the Faculty of Applied Mathematics and Informatics. The innovative laboratory has dozens of new computers, a projector, furniture and a speaker system to make University students’ training the most comfortable and productive.

N-iX was founded in 2002 by Andriy Pavliv, a graduate of the University. According to the director of DeliveryYuriy Kushla, to found a company great desire and initiative are required. Today, N-iX has more than 700 employees and is one of the fastest – growing Ukrainian companies. Apart from Lviv, there are also company’s offices in the USA, Poland and Sweden.

During the opening ceremony the representatives of N-iX shared with the students of the Faculty of Applied Mathematics and Informatics useful tips about IT-business in Ukraine and companies’ expectations of the young software developers. It was stressed that young professional need to constantly familiarize themselves with the new technologies and trends in IT, discover and master their favourite computer programming language and start their own startups.


2. Robotics Lab

At the Ivan Franko National University of Lviv Faculty of Electronics and Computer Technologies with the help of Softserve a new robotics laboratory, that provides students with learning, research, practice in developing algorithms and the ability to control real mobile platforms, has been opened.

The new laboratory is filled with modern equipment, including modern computers, interactive works and materials for their modernization. All this allows inventors to work on algorithms for higher-level robots – computer vision, speech analysis and more. The lab is also a place where they can work on their own startup.

During the opening of the laboratory, a team of students presented the robot RoDog, which knows 6 voice commands and can orient in space. Work on the project took place in optional classes in robotics, which experienced IT professionals together with the faculty began at the beginning of the study year.

“Our company is growing by an average of 25-30% per year. Therefore, we need to hire 1500 – 2000 new employees each year. In fact, SoftServe is not an only IT company in Lviv, so university graduates have great prospects for further employment,” – said Taras Kytsmey, SoftServe co-founder and member of Board of Directors, alumnus of Ivan Franko National University of Lviv.

We remind you that the opening of the laboratory was initiated by SoftServe, and the main support was provided bySerhiy Khaziev – a graduate of the Faculty of Electronics, and Taras Kytsmey – a graduate of the Faculty of Applied Mathematics and Informatics.


3. IT-Lab Infopulse Data Science & Machine Learning Lab

With the help of Infopulse and the Lviv IT Cluster, a modern laboratory – the Infopulse Data Science & Machine Learning Lab,where students of the Faculty of Electronics and Informatics conduct research in data science, namely automated processing of large amounts of information, has been opened in our University.

“Both very simple things, such as superimposing some effects on an image, which is now very popular, and more complex things, such as analyzing large data sets, predicting exchange rate changes and other things, can be performed here,” – says Vitaliy Parubochyi, Assistant Professor of the Department of System Design, Lviv University alumnus.

Infopulse together with the Lviv IT cluster founded this laboratory on the basis of the Department of Systems Design. New computers have special programs installed. “This is equipment that provides calculation capabilities, namely computing capabilities to practise high complexity algorithms. This allows the team to work as well. Collaborate, analyze, test.” Lyubomyr Boychuk, HR Director of Infopulse, says.


4. ProSkills Academy

ProSkills Academy is a modern school of development and leadership, which allows you to gain practical knowledge of freelance, learn about “Soft” and “hard” skills, which is very important for professional development. The young team often prepares events,webinars, interesting online courses for everyone who wants to learn, as well as conducts live broadcasts on the Instagram page.

Our graduate,Mykhailo Sichevsky, is a co-founder of Pro Skills Academy. He runs a personal blog on Instagram, where he writes about psychology, soft skills, self-development, business and sports. Mykhailo already has 100+ books read and trainings listened on these topics as well as 300+ interviews with businessmen and experts in their field taken. So now he is willing to help others achieve their goals, develop confidence and improve efficiency.