Why the Scientific Library?

It has more than 120,000 unique old prints and publications. Based on the materials of this book collection, it is possible to establish a chronology of events of several centuries. And the digital library will expand access to its valuable information resources in a few times.

For many centuries, the noble art patrons have contributed to preserving the identity of the Library and, what is more important, to develop it. And nowadays among our graduates there are still many aware and talented people who give it the opportunity to improve.

The needs of the Library are clear and concretized, because in order to achieve the goal, you need to understand well what is needed for this. Therefore, we realize that it is difficult to imagine a progressive library without international scientific bases (EBSCO, ScienceDirect, Springer, JSTOR (Journal STORage)); encyclopedias; multimedia, server and scanning equipment; software and personal computers.

The first steps towards creating a digital library have already been taken. Scanning equipment was partially purchased, several successful auctions were realized, among which – a large-scale stylized event – “Charity evening on St. Andrew’s Day”. But fundraising for the charity project to modernize the Library is still ongoing.