Museum of Computer Technology

This is a joint project of the Association of Alumni and Patrons-Collectors Mykola and Halyna Shcherbyna and Volodymyr Matviychuk, who are ready to present their collection, which contains more than 100 exhibits, to the University. Some of the exhibition exhibits are quite rare and exclusive.

The concept of the future Museum provides a permanent interactive exhibition of the computers and video games history (mostly from the 1980s),
exhibits produced in both the USSR and the Western countries, emphasis on the history of IT in Ukraine and specifically in Lviv.

Museum of Computer Technology will be located in the basement building of the Scientific Library of the University. Now the room needs repair, which according to preliminary estimates will be about UAH 2,000,000.

Museum aims:

1. to preserve the unique examples of computer technology of the past;

2. to preserve today’s innovative inventions for future generations;

3. to familiarize students with the history of IT development in Lviv, Ukraine, and in the world;

4. to popularize STEM education;

Alumni and friends of the University have the opportunity to support the project in a convenient method:

  • Charitable contribution
  • New exhibits
  • Dissemination of information

Save innovative inventions for future generations together!

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